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Get unlimited, year-round access to the 2020 Convention lecture and field sessions by purchasing the recordings!

Here are some top reasons why you’ll want to make this investment.

    • Learn at your convenience: The Convention sessions allow you to focus on the session, and afterwards, you can analyze, take notes and integrate within your own practice plans.
    • Don’t miss a session: The robust schedule means you can’t see all of these fabulous sessions in person. Purchase these recordings and you won’t miss a minute of programming.

    • Build your toolkit: The recordings are the perfect addition to your toolkit of resources to inspire and direct your own coaching sessions.

    • Virtually no wait time: Buy the sessions now and they will be available within 14 days of the Convention.

    • Buy at an amazing price: Take advantage of this affordable way to continue your education from the comfort of your own home or office. These discounted prices will ONLY be available through the 2020 Convention.

      • The complete set of sessions (lecture sessions and field demonstrations) are available for $299.
      • ** NOTE ** Sessions can be purchased during your Convention registration process.

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