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NOW HIRING is a 3-in-1 event that will take place throughout the Annual Convention to add additional opportunities for our Convention attendees, it will consist of: a Job Board, the Soccer Industry Fair and the Job Fair. The purpose of NOW HIRING is to provide a platform for United Soccer Coaches members and partners to meet and create business relationships with others in the soccer industry. This platform will enable coaches to meet with other coaches, administrators and businesses to create connections and potentially find jobs or hire new employees. 

*Schedules and locations are subject to change.


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Soccer Industry Fair

During Exhibit Hall hours, Convention attendees will have the opportunity to meet with companies (exhibitors) within the soccer industry who are hiring for a variety of administrative positions. Exhibitors that are interested in participating in the Soccer Industry Fair will be highlighted on a specific exhibit hall map so attendees can easily identify and locate participating exhibitors. The Convention is a perfect opportunity for hiring exhibitors to meet with hundreds of highly qualified candidates with specific skills geared towards the soccer industry.

*This event is open to all Registered Convention Attendees, there is no additional registration required for this event. 

For companies/exhibitors that are interested in participating in the Soccer Industry Fair, please contact Tyler Sablyak at or register though this link

Now Hiring Coaching Job Fair

The Now Hiring Coaching Job Fair is a unique opportunity for United Soccer Coaches Convention attendees who are in search for coaching job opportunities to meet with coaches, administrators and others from the soccer industry to expand their networks and potentially find a job in the soccer coaching industry. The Now Hiring Coaching Job Fair will provide a large platform for connections to be made between soccer professionals from all levels of the game and prospective job seekers. 


*This event is open to all Registered Convention Attendees, there is no additional registration required for this event.

Attendees Seeking Jobs: There is no better place to enhance your career and find your next coaching job than at this year’s Convention; the national hub for anything and everything coaching related and the perfect place to network and make those connections to help advance you on your way to the coaching position you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you are looking for a Head coaching role, assistant coach role, graduate assistant position, and many more the 2018 United Soccer Coaches Convention is the place to be!

Employers Looking to Hire: Coaches/organizations/ universities looking to hire new additions to their coaching staff whether that be a head coach, assistant coach, graduate assistant etc. should take advantage of this new opportunity by reserving a spot at the Job Fair. With so many qualified coaches in one place this is the perfect opportunity to find your next hire.

 Each organization will be provided a table and (2) chairs. 

**There are a limited number of spots available for employers looking to hire so make sure to Register Now to reserve your spot!

***There is no fee for employers to register and participate in the job fair, but we will hold a credit card on file and will charge $50 if you and do not show up as an inconvenience fee. ***

Job Board

The Job Board will be 2 bulletin boards located outside of the Pavilion (near registration), and in the Bridge of the convention center. This will be available for all Convention attendees to post job openings, resumes, business cards, etc. This is an opportunity to easily network and/or find open job listings.

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The Member Services Help Center is available if you have any questions or need any help. You can also contact the Members Services Team at 816-471-1941 or


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