Convention Sessions



The Elite level comprises of coaching players playing at a very high level. Professional and collegiate players as well as professional academy players fall here.



Considered the middle stage of skills, the Competitive level focuses on mainly club and high school coaches at various ages. 


Grassroots is a term used to define players just beginning to play and learning the basic skills and rules of soccer. Improving technique rather than tactics is the goal for coaches coaching at this stage. 



For everyone to attend. Certain sessions will be very broadly focused and contain components that speak to coaches at all levels of the game.



Field Demonstrations 


The presenter will be provided a demonstration team and equipment that is outlined below. ?During the 60 minutes please provide the coaches in attendance a session based on your philosophies or coaching methods. ?Please remember that you are coaching the coaches through the players on the field, give instructions to both the players and to the coaches in attendance.  These demonstrations will be presented by some of the highest level coaches from around the globe on our two turf fields. The presenting coach will utilize local elite teams to paint the picture of their chosen topic. 




A lecture presentation is given in a theater style setting. Attendees will listen, take notes, and interact with the presenter occasionally. These sessions are normally accompanied by a power point or some type of visual aid to enhance the presentation. 





A panel is anywhere from 2-6 presenters discussing either a single or wide range of topics. The moderator should provide direction for the session and they may use a power point or visual aid to accompany their presentation. At the discretion of the moderator, the attendees will be able to ask questions for the panel to discuss using the Catchbox wireless microphone.  

Futsal Court 


An official futsal sport-court surface will be provided by US Futsal to be utilized to demonstrate futsal specific rules, training activities, and techniques. A demonstration team and necessary equipment will be provided. Please remember that you are coaching the coaches through the players on the field, give instructions to both the players and to the coaches in attendance.  In association with U.S. Futsal, training sessions will be demonstrated by specialized futsal coaches on an official futsal court. Futsal is the only version of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA, it is played with 5 players on each team typically on a hard court surface similar to the approximate size of a basketball court. There will also be education on futsal conducted in a classroom setting as well. 




A round table discussion offers the most involvement for attendees. ?A brief presentation or scenario will be given, but can also ask questions while the attendees discuss, offer up solutions, or ask additional questions while the presenter reviews. The session contains the most interaction between attendee and presenter. ?The presenter will have access to utilize the CatchBox wireless microphone.  


Take part in an interactive discussion where you will get the chance to network with other attendees and exchange ideas and experiences. 





Similar to a 1-on-1 interview, a moderator will ask questions to the presenter on the topic. Brief visual aids may be utilized such as an introduction video. The purpose is to share stories and insight on the spotlighted guest on a topic which the guest is an expert on.  

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