Building the Women’s Game Together

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Join the conversation, be heard, and contribute to the movement…enjoy panels and workshops featuring Anson Dorrance (Head Coach, University of North Carolina), Julie Shackford (Head Coach, William and Mary), Amanda Cromwell (Head Coach, UCLA), and many others as we discuss the future of the women’s game.


Building the Future of the Women’s Game Together will focus on: what is working, what is broken, and how we fix it. This symposium will challenge our way of thinking about the women’s game and how we can help steer it into the future!


Fundraising Event

This women’s game symposium is proudly hosted by the United Soccer Coaches Foundation and the Charlotte Moran Fund. This event will be honoring Charlotte, her memory, and her commitment to the game through her mentorship of fellow coaches. Charlotte had a guiding principal that coaches had a responsibility to help other coaches. Proceeds from this event will be donated to the Charlotte Moran Fund housed within the United Soccer Coaches Foundation. This fund provides scholarships to those who are having a positive impact on the Women’s game by giving them access to educational opportunities through advanced diplomas.


*This symposium is available to any Convention registrant for an additional fee and will take place on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. with a networking social following the event.


[+] If you are already registered for the 2019 United Soccer Coaches Convention and would like to participate in this Symposium add-on click here to modify your registration. 



• One ticket: $100

• Two tickets: $95 each ($190 total)

• Three tickets: $90 each ($270 total)

• Four tickets: $85 each ($340 total)

• Five tickets: $80 each ($400 total)

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