Airline Safety Procedures

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Alaska Airlines
Cleanliness has always been a top priority for Alaska Airlines and during this time they have has developed and validated new aircraft cleaning procedures with the University of Washington Medical Directors, specializing in Infectious Diseases. Click here to learn more about Alaska Airlines’ Next Level Care.
Mask Policy
: Alaska Airlines is requiring all crew members and passengers over the age of 12 to wear masks. Face covering will be provided upon request.

Blocked Seats: Alaska is capping flights at 65% capacity for flights through July 31, 2020. Middle seats will be blocked accordingly to allow distancing onboard. Families who wish to be seated together despite blocked seats can speak with gate agents or flight attendants for assitance.

Allegiant Airlines
Allegiant Airlines is taking important steps to protect the health and safety of their passengers and team members. Click here to learn more about their Together We Fly promise.
Mask Policy
: Allegiant Airlines recommends, but does not require, passengers and crew to wear face coverings onboard. They are providing passengers on some flights with a health and safety kit, which included a single-use face mask, non-latex gloves and sanitizing wipes. Allegiant intends to have thes kits available for all passengers, although they have not announced a specific start date.
Blocked Seats: Allegiant is not limiting capacity on their flgihts. Passengers can request to be notified if their flight exceeds 65% capacity so they can explore alternate travel options. When possible, crew members may reseat passengers to provide additional distancing.

Delta Airlines
Taking care of their passengers is at the center of everything they do. Click here to learn more Delta CareStand and how they are ensuring their passengers with the most flexible and safest travel experience.
Mask Policy
: Passengers and crew members are required to wear face coverings onboard, with exceptions for children and thoe with some medical conditions. Passengers are required to bring their own mask, but masks are available if needed at check-in, in lounges, boarding gates, jet bridges, and onboard the aircraft.
Blocked Seats: Delta has one of the most generous blocked seating arrangments in the industry. Middle seats are blocked on larger aircrafts and select aisle seats are blocked on smaller aircrafts through September 30, 2020. Passenger loads are capped at 50% in domestic first class cabins and 60% for main cabins (economy) and Comfort+. International “Delta One” cabins, their most spacious seats, are capped at 75% capacity.

Frontier Airlines
Frontier is committed to ensuring that they go the extra mile in all that they do for their passengers. Click here to learn more about how Frontier is committed to you.
Mask Policy
: All Frontier passengers are required to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth, including at ticket counters and gate areas.
Blocked Seats: Frontier is blocking a limited number of middle seats in the front of the plane. These seats are notated as “Stretch Seats” and also include extra legroom. These seats require an additional fee (prices vary based on route and flight durations).
Temperature Screenings: Notably, Frontier Airlines is the only airline requiring temperature screenings from all passengers before boarding. THey are using touchless technology to screen passengers and will deny boarding to anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher.

Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Air’s primary concern is always the health and safety of their passengers and employees. Click here to learn more about what Hawaiian Air is doing to keep all passengers and employees safe and healthy.
Mask Policy
: Hawaiian Airlines requires all passengers to wear face masks during boarding, in-flight and deplaning.
Blocked Seats: Hawaiian is currently blocking middle seats on larger aircrafts for an unspecified amount of time. Customers planning future travel should be prepared for the possibility the this policy could change before their trip.

JetBlue Airlines
JetBlue is committed to going above and beyond to keep their passengers and crew members safe and well. Click here to learn more about JetBlues committment to safety from the ground up.
Mask Policy
: All JetBlue passengers and crew are required to wear face coverings while flying. This includes during check-in, boarding, in-flight and deplaning.
Blocked Seats: JetBlue is blocking all middle seats on larger aircrafts and most aisle seats on smaller aircrafts in order to allow social distancing onboard. This policy is set to expire after July 31, 2020.

Southwest Airlines
Southwest’s top priority has and always will be the well-being of their passengers and employees. Click here to learn more about the Southwest Promise.
Mask Policy
: Passengers are required to wear a face covering for boarding and the duration of the flight. Passengers are encouraged to being their own face covering, but masks will be provided if needed.
Blocked Seats: Southwest is limiting the number of tickets sold on each flight to allow extra distancing for travel through September 30, 2020. This equates to blocked middle seats, although they are maintaining their open seating policy. Passengers traveling together are welcome to sit together, including in a middle seat if they choose.

Spirit Airlines
Spirit is proactively following the guidelines published by the CDC to maintain a clean environment for their passengers and team members. Click here to learn more about how Spirit is keeping their passengers and team members healthy healthy every step of the way.
Mask Policy
: Passengers are required to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when flying on Spirit Arlines. Masks are not provided, so passengers should oack their own.
Blocked Seats: Spirit is not limiting capacity onboard their flights and notes that some aircrafts may be more full than others.

United Airlines
United is committed to putting health and safety at the forefront of their passengers’ experiences. With their United CleanPlus committment they will be delivering industry-leading cleanliness. Click here to learn more about United CleanPlus.
Mask Policy
: United requires all passengers and crew to wear a throughout their flight. Masks will be provided at no cost if customers need them. Passengers who refuse or who remove masks in-flight may be supended from flying the airline again in the future.
Blocked Seats: United has not instituted capacity restrictions for their flights and passengers should be prepared for the possibility of completely sold out flights. However, if there are more than 70% of seats booked, passengers can move to another flight instead.

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