2019 Convention Diplomas/Certificates

Coaching Futsal


As futsal continues to gain popularity today, your abilitiy to coach both futsal and soccer and utilize combined aspects from both, are becoming critical in the development of high-level players. This diploma provides an overview of the different tactics and techniques required to coach futsal.

Integrating the Goalkeeper into Team Training


This diploma provides a unique look into the role of the goalkeeper and how best to integrate him/her within practice and the team dynamic. Please note: this diploma is separate from the Goalkeeping Level 1 Diploma, however the four sessions on Sunday may be used towards the six hours required to complete the diploma.  As futsal continues to gain popularity today, your abilitiy to coach both futsal and soccer and utilize combined aspects from both, are becoming critical in the development of high-level players. This diploma provides an overview of the different tactics and techniques required to coach futsal.

The Art of the Assistant

Designed with assistant coaches in mind, this diploma outlines various techniques for strengthening the skills required to effectively and confidently serve in this critical role. Whether you aspire to be a head coach or grow your skills as an assistant, learn how to develop your personal brand and philosophies.  This diploma also covers interacting with a variety of audiences, management, and leadership skills required in the coaching profession.

Professional Development Certificate: Youth Club Administrator


Tailored to executive directors, board members, and organization administrators or registrars, this professional development course provides an in-depth guide into governance and the decision-making process when overseeing a youth club.  From building a strategic plan to understanding staffing criteria and requirements, you will learn to design and implement various business strategies to ensure an efficient club. Sessions available in this track are related to finance, contracting, and developing culture and leadership from within

Leadership Development 


Taking into consideration the many factors of leadership, this diploma focuses on the importance of leadership and how to develop it within your players and team.  Sessions within this diploma will focus on developing lifelong leaders, the leadership hierarchy, and offseason leadership

Professional Development Certificate: The Collegiate Coach 

While each division poses its own unique challenges, collegiate coaching navigates a wide-ranging field of challenges off of the field related to recruiting, regulations and team training.
  This diploma will explore various methods of managing these challenges, as well as delve into off-the-field aspects of the job, including leadership, psychology, fundraising, academics, and team building.

Urban Soccer Diploma


Not every soccer play space features cut grass and not every soccer player can afford new cleats every season. Learn new tips and tricks for coaching in non-traditional soccer settings by earning your Urban Soccer Diploma, a unique collaboration between United Soccer Coaches and the U.S. Soccer Foundation, the nation’s leader in sports-based youth development programming. Throughout the course, coaches will split their time between field activities and instructional classes to learn how to best engage urban youth and youth living in under-served communities through soccer.  


Developing Your Players and Coaches with High-Performance Technology

Gain a competitive edge as a coach by exploring technology use and trends for both player and team analysis.  Addressing all coaching levels and budgets, this diploma covers how the use of research materials leads to informed coaching decisions, which directly impact workload, performance and recovery.

Professional Development Certificate: Advanced Youth Coach

Delve into key education topics that focus on the development of the elite youth player.  With escalating costs of player acquisition and development, this course will help you gain understanding into how developing “cost-effective” talent internally is imperative for your club.

The Director of Coaching Role 

Focusing on the director of coaching, this diploma provides a comprehensive overview of the technical, conceptual, leadership and administrative skills required for developing the American soccer player. Accomplished through a curriculum rich in both application and theory, these sessions primarily focus on organizational structure, methods of coaching, leadership theory, evaluation and development of coaches and players, as well as fiscal, legal and moral responsibility.

The Mental Game: The Coach’s Role in Developing Player

Take a deeper look into the mental aspects of soccer coaching, including handling varying characteristics and mind-sets to build a winning team and culture.  Learning to develop the best approach when addressing others often results in the best outcome, including what you say and how you act after a big win or loss.  Explore how to teach players a positive mindset and how balancing emotions plays a key role in their development and success as a player and person.  

Professional Development Certificate: NFHS/United Soccer Coaches

Endorsed by both the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and United Soccer Coaches, this course provides high school coaches a broad range of educational opportunities and the opportunity to remain updated on the ever-changing topics specific to the high school game.  Sessions will focus on off-field topics related to psychology, leadership, and building a team culture.  

Goalkeeping Level 1 (Sunday Only)


Providing an introductory level overview on the goalkeeper and the basic responsibilities associated with the position, this diploma is tailored to the team coach-not the specialist goalkeeper coach. Through a combination of theory and field work, you will be empowered with knowledge and practice methods that will enable you to evaluate and educate a goalkeeper in a game situation both, technically and tactically.    

4v4 (Sunday Only) 

This course is designed to help coaches implement developmentally appropriate training games to improve skill levels in a fun, safe and challenging environment. Classroom with theory of coaching and field work for U9 and younger are both included

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