2018 Convention Diplomas/Certificates

Coaching Career:
Development and Management

Whether you are looking to improve your professional resume, learn different ways to best oversee and guide others or simply develop yourself, this diploma will enhance attendees’ professional skills while addressing areas that are often overlooked.

Coaching Futsal 

This diploma is an introduction to the game of futsal.  You will learn the different tactics and techniques of the game at an introductory level.  As it continues to gain popularity today, being able to coach both futsal and soccer, as well as being able to combine aspects of both sports, is becoming inevitable in the development of players.


Small Sided Games 

Lowering the number of players on the field leads to more touches and more decisions in one game for our younger players.  Stemming from changes to youth mandates and our non-residential diplomas, this diploma will pull from both the 4v4 and 7v7/9v9 Diplomas and focus on the development of the youth player.  Please note that this diploma is separate from the 4v4 Diploma, but the four sessions on Sunday can be used towards the six hours you need to complete this diploma.


Systems of Play

Technique can only take a player so far while it is the coaches system that will put the player in the position to take that extra step.  In order to do that, you must know what system best fits your team.  This diploma will allow you to learn the different systems, the roles of players in those systems along with the best practices for scouting an opponent and making in-game adjustments.  


Technical Development of the Competitive Player

Learn how to develop your players on the technical fundamentals of the game including passing, shooting, and dribbling. ?It will feature teaching that addresses this at all levels of the game.  


NFHS/United Soccer Coaches Professional Development Certificate

The NFHS/United Soccer Coaches Professional Development Certificate allows high school coaches the opportunity to earn a certificate endorsed by both the National Federation of High Schools and United Soccerr Coaches. This option also provides high school coaches a broader range of educational opportunities as well as allowing them to keep up to date on ever-changing topics.


Integrating the Goalkeeper into Team Training

This diploma focuses on giving the team coach and how to integrate the goalkeeper into the team practice. Please note that this diploma is separate from the Goalkeeping Level 1 Diploma, but the four sessions on Sunday can be used towards the six hours you need to complete this diploma. 


Youth Club Administrator Professional Development Certificate


This certificate is designed to help guide and provide insight into the decision-making process for club leaders of all levels. From setting up your strategic plan, to the communication efforts within the club and the community, you will learn how to create, implement, market, and execute various strategies throughout your club. You can also attend sessions related to finance, contracting, and developing culture and leadership from within. This certificate is targeted towards Executive Directors, Board Members and Club Administrators.



The Art of the Assistant

This course is designed to provide assistant coaches an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to be a competent and confident assistant coach. If you want to be a head coach eventually or if you are happy being an assistant coach the rest of your career, this course will give you ideas, skills and the self-awareness to be the best assistant coach you can be RIGHT NOW! The curriculum of this diploma will deal with the people, management and leadership skills needed in the coaching profession. Ask any seasoned coach in soccer and they will tell you these skills are equally, if not more, essential to your success and longevity in this challenging and rewarding profession than knowing the X’s and O’s of soccer. Coaching is a “people profession” so your “people skill” ability level is crucial to your success both on and off the pitch.



Player Health, Fitness and Safety


This diploma focuses on the importance of the injury prevention, diagnosis, and game preparation.  Coaches will be taught the proper nutrition, training and recovery, both in and out of season, along with learning how to handle situations such as eating disorders or disabilities.  You will also get an inside look at how technology can play a key role in your success on the field.  



The Mental Game: The Coaches Role in Developing Players 


Knowing how to say something can be the most important thing in any situation.  Coming off a big loss or even a big win, what you say and how you act matters.  Teaching players the right mindset and how to balance emotions can play a key role in their development. Learn how to handle different characteristics and mind sets to build a winning culture.   



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